Your Escorts

Meet your Art Brothel Escorts... followed by a menu of their art and services for sale!

Azazel Keres Abraxas
Moxie Battles
Alana & Elaichi (cardomom)
Sick Nick
Madame McDew
Helen Melina
Frankie A. Grossman
The Shadow
Mary Magdalene


offered for your pleasure
by our Art Brothel escorts 😉 
(Venmo or cash)

Frankie A. Grossman:
Live personal pelvic portrait on paper $15; 
Pre-painted vaginal experiment $10

Helen Melina:
Tarot readings. For options and pricing, click on her profile above.

“Come up and see my etchings!” Peruse Katharsis’ personal scrapbook and/or explore her room and creatively play with writing, drawing and dialogue prompts for 20 minutes. 1 person 30$, 2 people 50$, 3 people or more 20$ each

Madame McDew: 
One-on-one fetish experience. For options and pricing, click on her profile above.

Moxie Battles: 
$75 – “The Rack” (two experiences may be purchased for each performance evening). — Moxie will introduce you to the Rack. This experience is not recommended for patrons with long fingernails.

$50 – “Mr Christian” Moxie recreates an excerpt from Mel Gibson’s performance in The Bounty 1984.

$25 – “She Sells Seashells” —  Moxie has whispered secrets into a spiny conch shell. If you listen, maybe you can hear them.

$20 – “Can’t Hold a Candle” (12 available after each performance) — return to Moxie’s Lair for Birthday Cake and festivities. May contain gluten and dairy.

Mary Magdalene:
A print of Mary Magdalene’s painting for usage in personal grief healing rituals. It comes with a crochet heart that is your new heart after you dissolve and come back. 

The Shadow:
Based on its experience living as a human, The Shadow will write a brief report on the topic of your choosing – 5 dollars

Kazuo Ohno and Tatsumi Hijikjata are the founders of the revolutionary dance form known as Butoh. Aida is offering 12’x10′ prints of her paintings of these masters at 40$ each (see her profile above for details).

Sick Nick:
— Ritual Cabaret Postcard — an autographed concrete poem on 5.5”x8.5” card stock. The authenticating pubic hair is adhered to the signature ink in a lacquer cocoon so as to survive the Mail Art journey. Limited 2024 Edition of Ten — $20
— “This is not a pipe bomb” (Performance and T-Shirt)
(See his profile above for details on both.)

Privately, she will:
— Swear at you in Russian for 1 min – 10$,
— Slap your face – 20$
— Look into my eyes very close for 5 min – 30$
— Dance on table for you – 60$
— Full package including all of the above – 100$
Group experience (max 6 people): 
“Office meeting fuck up” – 200$

Alana anda Elaichi:
Erotic Tarot Dance  –  Alana and Elaichi will offer you spiritual guidance through a one card Tarot reading and dance — $80

Ritual Cabaret Art Brothel is made possible by the generous support of:
IndieSpace “Pay Your People” Grant, Anonymous, John Baumann, Jeff Birnbaum, Sasha Chavchavadze, Brenda Fisher, Jade Frost, Bob Lyness, Eva Melas, PK (Ram) Ramani, Mike Spratt, Paget Walker, Sue Yocum

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