What’s there to say about Pupu? She shows a “strong” attitude, lacking regret for unethical actions and often blaming others for negative outcomes. She distances herself from others, using punishments and threats. The aim here isn’t to praise or pillory Pupu but to provide some perspective on the woman behind the many faces. Whether you think she’s Superwoman or subhuman, she has a fascinating backstory.

She and her parents lived in a tiny room as part of a shared apartment. They had no bathtub or hot water, and their toilet sat next to a dangerously dilapidated stairwell that was riddled with holes.

She exhibits dark personality traits like manipulation, grandiosity, and low empathy. Her instructors noted disruptive behavior in class, including throwing erasers and talking during lessons, along with neglecting homework.

In her youth, Pupu and friends chased rats in their apartment building’s stairwell. She learned a valuable lesson about the dangers of backing opponents into a corner: “Once I chased a huge rat down the hall, cornering it. It had nowhere to run. The rat suddenly attacked, surprising and frightening me, and then began chasing me.”

Pupu got away, but the memory never escaped her.


About “Game”
The collaborative endeavour known as ‘Game’ brings together the creative forces of choreographer VA and dancer YaRa. This ambitious project sets out to probe the intricate depths of fear, leveraging the tumultuous backdrop of contemporary events unfolding across Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. From their initial emergence to their nuanced manifestations, from the heavy-handed suppression tactics to the resilient forces of opposition, this performance seeks to unravel the complex tapestry of emotions and societal dynamics at play.