Irka, was born in Tallinn, Estonia. A daughter to aristocratic parents, a Russian former USSR General, and a Ukrainian professor of Russian literature. Diverse ethnic background with strong Jewish roots which made the family immigrate after Irka was born and the Cold War ended. 

Growing up in Israel with such a complex identity, Irka experienced racism and felt compelled to stand up against injustice and other prejudices. In her eyes, as a young woman, her options were either to sell her body or sell her he|art – she chose the latter.

On October 7th she performed at a dance festival. It was her most empowering solo piece, exploring raw emotions and forging human connections. 

She was dancing
She was raped
She was gang-banged
She went home
She is alive.

Since then Irka put herself in a ring, battling modern society as an asexual feminist.

Irka is a fragile doll, she brought it on herself, and now she is in a glass cage, dancing inside a musical box.

She will dance into a posture 

You will move-in to touch.