Alana and Elaichi (cardomom)

Alana is a shape-shifting channel of ancestral sluts. Having spent almost half of her life in SW makes her an Elder Sacred Whore. Delving into pleasure and muck she has emerged as a gentle mender of fractured identity. Visit her and come home to the birthright of your pleasure. 

Elaichi (cardomom) is a Komodo dragon that lives in the Coney island jungle. At night, she crawls around the Coney island shores carefully watching the stars. When the astrological weather aligns, Elaichi takes human form and dances for the Ocean Goddesses Yemanja and Dance God Shiva as a prayer offering. We hope that the astrology of the weekend of the 15th, 16th and 17th of February 2024 brings us a good omen and a seductive dance from Elaichi. A cruel world needs a dance spell like an ointment to ease the many troubled souls. Elaichi predicts that Dark lord Pluto will be dragging the evils of the world to the underworld to stare at it’s own ugly head. It’s the year of the dragon and this dragon is hungry for karmic justice for the bullies of the world.