Born into a family of artists, Aída Miró was destined to paint, or at least she learned to paint from a very young age and was sent to university to train as a painter. 

But her rebellious spirit led her to graffiti rather than pictorial academicism. After finishing her degree in Fine Arts, she decided to move to a circus school Rogelio Rivel in Barcelona to learn and do aerial shows. Later she moved to England to work as a scenographer in theaters, circuses, cinema and TV for two years. But she left everything to travel and went alone to travel around Mexico for a year, where she continued painting and dancing. 

When she returned to her hometown in Ibiza, she took up clowning again and got to know Butoh dance, which led her to continue traveling around the world learning with Japanese masters. After a year in the Himalayas of India she traveled to New York, where she stayed for 9 years. 

She currently combines Butoh dance performance, studio work, live painting and large murals with spray paint.

Kazuo Ohno
Tatsumi Hijikata