Frankie A. Grossman is a world renowned artist who explores autonomy within humanistic flaws through mediums such as painting, drawing, fabric, play-doh and menstrual blood. They received their M.F.A from Yale University in Queer Metaphysics and Aerodynamics in Performative Intercourse Communication and were awarded the Harry Who Prize for proficiency in materials and techniques. They have performed with Austrian artist group Gelitin in “Ritratto Analitico” to study the art of pelvic painting.

Grossman is an artist in residence at Coney Island’s Art Brothel to expand on their practice of pelvic painting. To research the “glorification of gay women sex” and “why straight men can’t get enough of them!” In this project Grossman is offering patrons to sit in, pose, and observe for a personal portrait while she paints with the thrust of lust and disgust as the futch genderfucked lesbro of your dreams!