Moxie Battles

Moxie is a pirate queen and a Naumachia enthusiast.

She began her treasure-hunting exploits at an early age, amassing shiny objects and cultural curiosities in a garden shed.

Her maritime adventures began soon after on a dinghy called Artoo, navigating the inland waterways. She later served with a one-legged captain aboard a vessel called the Albatross.

After exploring the Great Lakes region, she set her sights on eastern shores.

She came ashore in Brooklyn in the late eighties, and there, in concert with her alter-egos, founded a style cult and salon that came to be known as Poodle World.

In its halcyon days, Poodle World was host to a raffish assortment of denizens, including writers, painters, potters, and the occasional kindergarten teacher with leftist leanings.

The Poodle Worlds Fairs were the stuff of legend for eccentric art, intellectual inquiry and general debauchery. It was there Moxie began her experiments with a device called the Rack.

Moxie has served as a privateer, amassing great troves for the glory of a mighty empire. Now in her 3rd act (it’s a 5-act play!), Moxie grows impatient with decorum and is ready to plunder to get what she wants.

Moxie is armed and should be considered devastating.